At DIPLOIDE we work with DNA sequencing, the most accurate method for genetic analysis.

We create your personalized roadmap for: better nutrition, an optimal exercise plan, healthy skin, enhance your fertility and reduce the risk of chronic degenerative diseases among others.

The world of fitness, nutrition, fertility and health advice is a complicated and totally fragmented world.


  • The food groups that were depreciated one day are the 'superfoods' of today.

  • The training madness disappears as fast as it appears.

  • The fertility potentialities are indeterminate.

  • The health risks are unexpected.


Our mission is to help you identify what you must do to get fit, eat well and live better on a truly personal level, using a unique feature and incredibly yours: Your DNA.


Since we started our operations in Colombia, we have brought DNA sequencing technology to tens of thousands of people, helping them to understand how variations in their genes affect the response to: nutrients, exercise, the appearance of the skin, the fertility potential and the predisposition to chronic diseases with only a sample of saliva.

It is a fact that 21st century medicine advances rapidly with genetic engineering and molecular biology towards a therapeutic practice 100% personalized for all of us.

At DIPLOIDE we work with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). This is the most accurate technology today for the analysis of genetic profiles.