Strict rationality kills culture and relationships.


The behavioral DNA test is a genetic profile that offers a deeper insight into the role your DNA can play in the way you think, feel, act and react. If you have ever wondered about the links between your personality and your genes, DIPBEHAVIOR is for you.


We have come to use the conditions of DNA behavior as a reality in 123 countries by solving significant relative relationships of productivity and compliance at the corporate level.


  • Hiring for talent

  • Development of talent

  • Team productivity

  • Communication and sales commitment

  • Business DNA training

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  • How could your DNA impact your tolerance to stress and pain?

  • Learn how your genes can influence your feelings of empathy and euphoria.

  • Are you an emotion seeker? We test certain genes that can impact impulsive behavior.

  • Are you a warrior or a worried one? Learn how your genes can affect your tolerance to stress and pain.

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